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For those of you new to photography, you may feel drawn to street photography as it is easy to access places and subjects to photograph.

Do: Make sure your camera is good to go.

Getting your camera ready for street photography is a good way to start. Make sure you are comfortable with the settings you are currently using and that the setting will work in the lighting in the area you will be shooting in.
You don't want to waste time messing with settings and potentially miss a shot. Use something like aperture priority so you can get the shot you want quicker!

Don't: Look like a creep!

People will be much more comfortable with you taking pictures of them if you are no creepy about the way you are photographing them and you aren't dressed in a strange way. Just go out how you would normally go out, and if anyone asks tell them you are a street photographer!

Do: Get in the zone!

Get in the zone, get into the action. You won't be getting the shots you want if you are too tentative to go looking for them!

Don't: Go in all guns blazing!

Your camera is NOT a weapon. People don't generally like having their picture taken by strangers. Don't be aggressive in taking your shots, rather be relaxed. Don't get in peoples' faces!

Do: Weigh up the scene.

Consider the setting and your subject. Take time to notice people and things that are interesting in the scene. Make sure to respect your subjects. You can also wait for something to happen within the scene, but when that happens you have to be ready.

Don't: Sneak up and/or hide from your subjects!

You get into some trouble if someone finds out that you are hiding. However, this isn't always the case. You have to decide whether you want to shoot more of a voyeuristic style, or just regular candid shots.

Do: Be patient.

Sometimes a scene won't immediately jump out at you. Take your time to notice the details, get comfortable, and for a good opportunity to present itself.
I do always feel a bit awkward, but after 10 - 20 minutes I am usually into it. Although, some countries I find it REALLY difficult to get into it because in many countries it is illegal to take photographs of people without their permission.
Great pointers! I feel like people hate when I go out and take pictures of them. This might help a bit!