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I have found this board and it looks pretty cool! Experiences? Pros? Cons?
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@MitchellJuchno The carbon fiber has resin on it to harden it so it essentially creates its own clear coat
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It's a great board also incredibly light it weighs about two pounds but one downside it can't fit bear trucks because the drop slot isn't wide enough. I found that out the hard way.
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right I just know carbon fiber has a tendency to do that
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Also you need nose guards if you're going to try any tricks because the tails are thin and the carbon fiber can wear QUICK if you manual too much. Unmm don't try and grab tricks unless you want to bruise your shins cause the edge of the board is incredibly thin. The scratches on it come out white which contrasts terribly with the black but all in all I'm loving It so far I love how the concave is sorta like the diamond drop where it has a sharp angle rather than a slope
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I have one also. It's super light. I had to tweak my bushing a little because of it.
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