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DO: - Stable cameras make for sharp pictures.
- Slows down your work flow so you can concentrate on the shot you want.
- Long exposures, HDR, and double exposures are possible.
- Tripods are a must for shooting video.
- They help you take shots extra low and extra high.
- If you can't afford a decent tripod, it's not worth buying a cheap one.
- Slows you down from setting up and moving to new spots.
- Some places won't allow you to bring a tripod in.
- Carrying it can be a clumsy experience.
- Could cause an expensive accident.
Okay, you have convinced me. I should get a tripod.
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@AnthonyB They definitely come in handy a lot!
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I have made the mistake of buying a crappy tripod not once, but twice. Buy something decent and save yourself the headache!
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