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Haven't made a parking garage video yet, and everyone else has so here is ours. We all had a blast skating and had no issues with the police or security guards. It's pretty fun to skate with some of the pros. This is the second time I've skated with Brandon Tissen. Part of the Dubs team showed up too! A cool guy named Joel, and do you guys remember the fastest ginger alive? Jordan is and always will be the fastest ginger on a skateboard in my opinion. He kicks some butt! Hope you guys enjoy the video!
The song is Rollin' by Limp Bizkit
ypu have no idea. for some reason I put a caliber 50 in front and a randal 35 in back. it was nimble to so the least
@KTM2014 man I bet that was nimble!?
That's sick! 馃槉
@crazyheart that was me rocking my buddy's triple 8 that he stickered up. He wanted to rock my half shell for a run because he was hot lol
@ktm2014 what helmet is that dude wearing at 00.35?
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