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Today, in an unprecedented move on Kanye's part, Mr. West has officially made a public apology to Beck for his response to Beck's "Morning Phase" beating Beyonce's self-titled record for Album of the Year at this year's Grammy Awards.
And, in true Kanye West fashion (as with his famous apology to Taylor Swift), he did so on Twitter:
For a guy who is notoriously opinionated and articulate, it must take some serious skill to keep everything at 140 characters or less. But anyway, the apology is out there. Now let's all bring it in for a hug and listen to the following Beyonce/Beck mash-up:
This mashup!!! *****
I wouldn't call it an apology until he did it in person on TV just like he did at the Grammys where he made a fool of himself yet again. Kanye West is out of control and he needs to reign himself in period.
@pizzaforall ISN'T IT EPIC???
@redridergirl He really does! I agree completely.
Kanye just really, really believes in Beyonce, okay?!
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