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Sarah Vivienne is more than a UK photographer; she is a storyteller. If you visit her website you can read her blog where she captures, in stunning quality, the marriage of Dan and Portia in detail. What I want to focus on is the biggest lesson learned from this beautiful British wedding: The importance of choosing the best photography service for your wedding.
When you look at the pictures that Sarah Vivienne and her team took, you forget that you're looking at still pictures. You almost imagine that you are, inexplicably, transported to Rushton Hall to witness the nuptials in person. If you want to remember your wedding day, and perhaps even relive it, then you need to spend time (and money) on a photography team that will deliver.
Did you notice I mentioned "team?" Right. Because a single photographer cannot be at all places at all times. And trust me, a lot is going on all over the place, especially the day of. Vivienne's Photography does not advertise. Her clients are referred to her. That's because she's wildly in high-demand. That kind of success comes from, not years of practice, but from wisdom and common sense.
One of the ways Vivienne and her team are so successful is the pre-wedding shoot. Besides the obvious, which are fantastic photos of the couple before the big day, it gives EVERYONE in the mix to get comfortable with each other. It's a bit of a learning on both sides. You DON'T want your first snapshot to occur on the day itself. As each couple is unique, so are the demands, which means the fees are subject to those requests and other things like the wedding season, et al.
What you get with her services, however, are more than just some wedding photos and a book, you get:
* Free consultation
* Pre-wedding photo shoot
* Drafting and planning the wedding shoot
* Wedding photography
* Editing/retouching
* Designing the wedding album
Many photographers in the US offer the same or similar services, which is smart. They should ALL be doing that. The point I am making here, is that when you look at your wedding budget and you think of all the things you need--like flowers, dress, rings, photography--you need to treat this portion of your must-haves as not just a bullet to check off. You need to invest time and probably a bit more money than you anticipated. If you're going to spend $1,500 on a line-item, why not $2,000 and get incredible services such as the aforementioned?
I want to be clear that I am not advocating that you go over budget or spend more than you are comfortable. The only lesson to be learned that I am sharing in this card is the incredible value that comes from treating the need for a photographer as something more important than just an obligatory cost. If you are looking for a wedding story through pictures such as what I have shared with you via Sarah Vivienne's website, then you need to take my advice and all that you can learn from her website and apply that to your search, approval, and purchase of legit photography services in the US.
My 2 cents: Event designers and producers, such as myself, ALWAYS use our own team of photographers. You can also ask your professional team for access to their photos. Sometimes it's complimentary, though not always.
Awesome @daniachicago hope you find a really great photography service in chicago. I'm sure you will
I am so glad I saw this now and not later. She is such a pretty bride. LOVE this! TY @marshalledgar
Wonderful setting. I like the hats the ladies are wearing.
WIsh I knew that way back then @nixonwoman. I spend, a small amount on my ex-husband's cousin to shoot terrible pictures.
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