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Whether you're out hiking, get unexpectedly stranded in your car, or are in some other situation where you're in the snow without shelter, you can use these techniques to build yourself something to protect you while you wait out the snow fall or storm.
Things that would be helpful (so keep them with you if you're going into backcountry, or, in your car, in case of emergencies):
- a shovel
- a saw
- a candle

#1 T-shaped Snow Cave

You'll need a shovel and saw for this one, and it will really only work in a place where you can find a big snow bank, but it's one of the most effective ways to wait out a storm. Watch the video to learn how!

#2 Quinzee or Snow Hut

This is a bit of a "story" tale that can get a bit old, but the explanation of how to make the snow hut was done really well, so stick it out and learn how to make one of these which can be great if you have a lot of time! It's best to make these with dense snow that is allowed to compact and harden for at least 8 to 10 hours.

#3 Pine Tree Version

This one is really a last option for me, because of the risk of tree wells. They can be 14' deep and full of powder snow! Many skier's suffocate in them every year! You need to be able to see how deep the tree goes before you try this, or you might sink right into powder snow you cannot escape.

#4 Snow Ridge Trench Shelter

While this is similar to number one, the styling is a bit different and can work for different kinds of snow drifts! Again, you'll need a saw and a shovel to do this easily. If you

So that's it!

Those are all the snow shelters I know of. Do you have a different one you think is more effective? Share in the comments!
@TrevorGoldley I just worry about the whole running out of air thing in that one.
The first one looks the most intense but it also looks like the most fun!
@treedweller Hmm, that's true I guess, but I hope I'd just never be in this situation!
@happyrock Just knowing the dynamics of why these caves are effective is enough. Even if you don't hike where snow gets like this, you never know what weather will throw your way.
Honestly speaking, I"m not sure I'd be able to make any of these......but I also don't even really hike when I would need these!