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I'm a little late for the Baymax train, but I finally watched Big Hero 6 last night and fell in love with this big guy! I was thinking about how much I would love to have Baymax as my doctor or best friend, when I realized that other than flying and a few other tech-y things, Baymax is just like any one of us. I could be Baymax! You could be Baymax!
So I came up with some reasons why Baymax is better than any nurse I've ever met, and then offer some suggestions about how you can become this awesome little marshmallow too!
1. He will always be there in your time of need
The fact that he is activated by the word 'Ow' is both a positive and negative feature of this walking, talking marshmallow. I am one to say ow even when I see other people get hurt, so poor little Baymax would be pretty busy with me. But from a stubbed toe to an heart attack, Baymax will be there with you no matter what!
2. He gives you a reality check
When you think about the pain you actually feel when you get a papercut, a sore throat, etc, I always notice that I am overreacting. Next time you slam your shin into the coffee table take a second to rate your pain on a scale of one to ten. Chances are, within a few seconds, you'll only be a level one or two! Baymax's rating system not only helps him assist you, but helps you realize just how serious (or not serious) your pain actually is.
3. He protects you from all harm
My aunt is an amazing nurse, but she definitely can't use her body as a giant safety balloon when you're falling from the third story of a totally sketchy warehouse. So when you find yourself in a sticky situation like this, you need this friendly little pillow-friend. Life tip: don't go hanging around totally sketchy warehouses in general.
4. He reminds you of everyday safety
When we think of keeping our bodies safe with think of eating right, exercise, medicine, vitamins, physical exams, even sunscreen! But what about the simple things like putting on a seat belt that can actually save your life? Baymax can't keep you healthy if you're taking stupid risks like not wearing a seat belt or not wearing a helmet!
5. He gives you emotional support
Mental, emotional health is just as important as any physical health. Even more in fact! So leave it to Baymax to cheer you up, listen to you, call your loved ones, and give you a big bear hug. We all need a little help sometimes, so if you have a friend who is feeling down, go be their Baymax and remind them how loved they are.
6. He doesn't give up on you
Baymax doesn't quit until you are satisfied with your care. He knows if you're lying to him too - so don't try to say that you're all better when you really need a little more help.
7. He's sort of an awesome friend
And you can be too! While you might not have a marshmallow body or a health scanner hard-wired into you, you can be the solid friend that Baymax is and here's how:
- Listen to your friends: Ask how they are doing and really listen to them. Don't always accept the answer 'fine' if you know there is something up.
- Be there in their time of need: If they need a favor or just a shoulder to lean on, be the person your friends know they can count on.
- Keep your friends level headed: Be the voice of reason when your friends are ranting about something or depressed over something little. Let them get their anger out, but remind them of what really matters.
- Don't give up on people: Friends can piss us off or make mistakes, but don't let a petty argument get in the way of a great friendship. Don't give up on them!
It also helps if you have bandaids in your purse all the time - ready for any emergency!
i just watch it today, its a littke late tough, but anyway it's such a great movie and your review makes me wanna cry
Number 6 made me tear up...I was not expecting to cry during this movie!
My dad is the worst at measuring his own pain haha he will FREAK OUT when he gets the tiniest scratch and I can't help but laugh haha
I love you Baymax omg finally watched it and loved it
@galinda ME TOO. I really want to see it, but I always forget that I do.
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