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When Doug Peacock served in Vietnam in his 20s, he dreamed of spending time in the Rockies. When he came back, he launched himself back into the wild and worked for many years studying grizzly bears and fighting for their federal protection.
Now, he says, the way to help vets overcome the trauma of the time they serve in the military is to get them outside. “What they need to do is go out and immerse (themselves) in the wild,” he said recently. “Let it wrap around you. See what it does to you.”
And that, my friends, is just another thing I can agree with. There isn't anyone I think can't be benefited by time outdoors!
You can read in this article about the stats of how many vets there are that aren't being given the treatment they seek, and how the military hasn't really got behind the idea of wilderness treatment.

But I don't think that's very important. What's important is that we go and help! Search your area for a wilderness program that does work with veterans. If there isn't one, check for one that does programs for youth, and work with them to start one! Even if its just once or twice a year, these kinds of wilderness encounters can encourage people to get out and learn to love life in a new way after their hardships!!

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I gotta tell my Uncle about this
@amog32 well @happyrock is right! Your best bet is just to call local outdoors programs and go from there. @drwhat Yeah, but we as people can make a difference.
@treedweller Sorry to jump in here but @amog32 if you just call your local national park or wildnerness area or whatever you have and then see what they know of that should get you onto something!!
@treedweller I can't believe more isn't being done to help vets. You can't essentially force people into war and do nothing to help people get over the trauma jesus christ our government sucks sometimes there any sort of resource I can use to search if there are vet programs I can help with in my area? @treedweller