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I swear, I keep finding amazing ways of doing weddings in blush pink and gold. Not that I am going to alter my Tiffany Blue themed wedding to gold anytime soon. But this does make me wonder...
What I love about this table seating idea the most is the use of cute miniature gold frames inside a much larger gold frame. Each frame is unique in it's own way. This could totally be done in silver and look equally amazing. I'll have to see if I can find something like this in silver to show also.
OH! And it's all set up on an easel like framed art on exhibition. So so so cute! Definitely <3 this idea.
You're allowed to change the color theme if you like. Nothing wrong with that. Beautiful way of showing the seating.
Frame in a frame is something I saw in Martha Stewart magazine. Classy idea
neat idea! saved this for future