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It's not real gold. But it looks like it! Typically, my nails are painted in solids. Rarely, will I venture into a design, except on a couple occasions. So when I saw these nude nails with a shiny gold mylar stripe across the French Manicure, I was really amazed. I was just really curious how that gold stripe was so neat, shiny and perfect!
Turns out, that gold stripe is a stripping tape and sells for 99 cents at Sally Beauty Supply. This youtube video shows how to apply it when you have two different colors for your nails.
But as you can see in the first picture, you can use it alone on a solid color like the nude polish.
1. Apply your base coat.
2. Apply the stripping tape and cut it.
3. Apply the top coat to seal it.
I like to save cool ideas like this for brides
Thanks @beywatch. It's a cute idea that I might do in silver.
I love the example in the picture. It's so extremely subtle. I think that's kind of cool!