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haha i havent been on here in forever. Well i got the earthwing super modle but like the wheels wont all touch the ground. Sorta mad. not gonna lie. but its chill. And the snow on the ground isnt helping xD ahaha so how have u guys been?
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loving it near to clear skies. got my 180heel slide switch back down. winter shook me up a bit.
Glad to have you back(:
Good! I was just asking where you have been yesterday lol
haha @steezus yea my friend took a look at all those things and it looked all normal. he said they must have just pressed it wrong.
send that sucker back! but I've been buying stickers and trying to save up for some gear and a board in my local shop! My board is in it's box I take it out spin the wheels and put it back. It's all snow and ice lately!