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When it comes to sugar, yogurt can be a serious source! Some brands can even have more sugar than a Twinkie! So how do we get the great benefits of yogurt while avoiding the sugar rush?
When shopping for it, avoid flavored or low-fat varieties - those tend to have more sugar than plain yogurt. Try to find a brand that has a maximum of 20 grams sugar per single serve container.
My suggestion? By plain yogurt (boring, I know) and doctor it up at home with fresh fruit and honey.


You know that crunchy yummy goodness that you can't stop eating? Well, it is actually adding some big time sugar to your diet. One half cup can be more than 12 grams.
My suggestions? Drop the granola for something natural and crunchy - like a handful of almonds!


Okay, so there isn't necessarily a ton of sugar in the salad itself, but once you start getting into the dressing you're in for a treat (literally!) A two-tablespoon serving of Italian dressing has 2 grams and thousand island and fat-free French have a 6 grams of sugar!
My suggestions? Measure out your dressing beforehand instead of just pouring it straight onto a salad. Also, try making your own vinaigrette with less/no sugar!

Sports Drinks and Fruit Juice

Just one drink (Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc) can pack five teaspoons of sugar! Orange juice is even worse, containing 10 teaspoons, the same as a can of soda. Skip the sugar altogether by quenching your thirst with water next time you hit the gym.
My suggestion? If you can't give up on the juice, If you're not willing to give up juice, add in some seltzer to drive down natural sugar by 50 percent and give it some fizz.
McDonald's salads are actually some of the highest calorie items on the menu!
So yogurt + granola is a killer then?
Plain greek yogurt for the win!
Sometimes I break down and buy store-packaged granola (aka last night at the grocery store) but I always make sure to use less than the suggested serving size and to mix in something more natural like nuts :)
Fruit juice is FULL of sugar! Orange juice is the worst.
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