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finally was able to afford leathers, was gonna buy used ones but couldn't find any my size so I'm gonna buy some custom haste leathers.
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I see a lot of guys getting bell drops, and ordering a visor separate but I think I'm gonna get a triple 8 racer
The helmet I have now is a sixsixone comp with a visor I made, but that helmet has taken huge beatings cause I used that for downhill mtb.. I just don't really trust it anymore haha @BlakeRuss
Ya I like how small the triple 8 is doesn't make u feel like a bobble head
The question is, do you need leathers?
I'm gonna be racing soon... I'm comfortable without them just riding but I think if I'm racing I might get sketched out especially cause there's a few riders going at the same time... Definitely would do better with them cause I'll feel a lot more protected @0BryceMcGarity0