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This and when someone says sorry... Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Naega naega naega meonjeo Nege nege nege ppajyeo Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby XD What sets off a kpop song in your head?
Legit conversation and proof that i am indeed stunted lol. I call my mom at work one day when I knew she was gonna be crazy busy... Mom: Good afternoon. This is Brenda.How can I help you? Me: Hey!!......Mamacita Naega Ayayayayaaa! (^[]^)/♪ Mom: Erica is this you?? Me: Janinhage kkaejyeobeorin kkumi ayayayaya (^[]^)/♪ Mom: Did you need something??? Me: Mwonga muneojigo tteonasseo nunmulmajeo da memallasseo Mom: Oh you turd. Me: Gamtureul sseun ja mugereul neukkyeo! (^[]^)/♪ Mom: I'm hanging up!! Me: Mom wait!!! Mom: What?? Me (singing): You can't do that! (^[]^)/♪ *click* So its an official thing in my family now whenever one of us says mom another starts singing Mamacita. It drives her crazy.
When someone says fantastic I can't help but say "Wow fantastic baby"~~~ Haha every time !lol XD
@jiggzy19 lol I'm a major dork. I can't help it. @aabxo I keep my mother entertained to say the least lol.
@PassTheSuga Lmao that is so cute. I think my mom would hang up before I could even say "mom it's me" .-. lol
When the phone rings I can't help but say Ring Ding Dong lol
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