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Pablo Bairan makes a whole world of really amazing BIG cosplays, and one of those is Baymax!
But beyond just him being amazing, he also works with a really awesome team (found here on Tumblr!) who recreate scenes from the movie pretty damn perfectly. No, that's not photoshop. They have actually made the cosplays and sets necessary!

#1: Meeting Baymax

Scroll through to relive this scene of the movie....through cosplay!!

#2: Hello Hiro!

Scroll through to relive this scene of the movie...through cosplay!
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A+ idea. The tape on Baymax's arms is great.
3 years ago·Reply
@beywatch @timeturnerjones He says on his blog that when he first saw the trailer his friends were all like "DUDE ITS YOU," so when he felt a connection to the character, he had to cosplay him! @amog32 Yes. I love that touch! And just the whole meeting baymax photoset--it's spot on!
3 years ago·Reply
Let me take Baymax home pleeeasseeee
3 years ago·Reply
This is awesome!!!!
3 years ago·Reply
this is freakin awesome!!!!
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