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<3333333 Seriously SUHHHH GUUUHHHDDD! lol I adore the song and the boys are lookin' SUHHH GUUUHHDD. But Baekho....my love....sadly is not featured on this track....but apparently will be on the next track.
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You guys are starting to turn me into a Nu'est fan. What is their fandom called?
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@danidee their fandom is called L.O.Λ.E! Take the consonants from NU'EST and write them in Korean~^^ (ㄴㅇㅅㅌ) do you get it???@danidee
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@danidee yayyyy!! you definitely won't regret it....they're SUHHH GOOOOD lol. @jiggzy19 I never noticed that.....duhhhhh lmao. Major lightbulb above my head right now.
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@PassTheSuga hehe ^^ Yeah it was the same for me! XD
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ren. <3
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