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She prepares herself in the only way she knows to prepare. It is just another performance. Not on a stage but in front of a court of law. Does it really matter ? a public appearance is a public appearance. Time took his toll on her. She never thought she was pretty, but now she feels old too. She wraps the towel around her head like a scarf and looks at the mirror. For a second she feels like her grandmother is looking at her from behind the looking glass. She never met her. She only knows what she looked like from some old pictures, kept in a box in the attic of her family's house in Johannesburg. Her father arrived to South Africa at a young age with nothing but the belief that his skills will serve him better there, than in the small town in Lithuania that he came from. He was right, of course. He had to work hard and take enormous risks for almost every day of his life, but that was exactly what he wanted. Her mother died when she was little, and so her father was the dominant figure in her life. Back in 1966, when Bat Sheva asked her what does she think they should do about the deteriorating relationships inside the dance company, if she really knew what had to be done, it was less due to her experience as a dancer and more from being the daughter of a miner. That was the moment that their special friendship and partnership was born. A partnership of two women who wanted to create something new. To dare taking the risks involved, but in a responsible and methodical manner. They were going to mine for talent and creativity, just like diamonds are mined, and then they were going to polish everything to perfection. This was what she dreamed of doing for many years, and that was her big chance. She puts her makeup on. Everything must be in perfect order like always. Now Bat Sheva is gone, and it is only her, struggling to save what they both wanted so strongly. The question if it worth the effort, does not even cross her mind.
@timeturnerjones I was going to make a similar comment: I'm able to move from the makeup, to the mirror, to the history, back to the present pretty seamlessly.
I like the way you build the background here, interwoven with her getting ready to go to her next public appearance. It felt really smooth in all the different transitions.