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Police in Chicago, according to a reporter at the Guardian, has been operating a secret interrogation facility. Many different media outlets have known about this and done absolutely nothing about it. Cook County's commissioner, pictured above, says he never knew about this before, and ‘We are calling for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into these allegations.'
What? The details can all be read in the original article here, but I wanted to summarize the worst of the worst you'll find out in there, and that I learned in reading through comments on various forums.

The Basics:

- The facility is located in a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square - Many abuses occurring in side: beating by police, head wounds, prolonged shackling, deny attorney access, no legal counsel for 12 to 24 hours, detaining people as young as 15 - Essentially a black site on domestic soil where people are interrogated unethically and no one is told where they are or allowed to see them.
For me, the worst part of this whole story is that multiple media outlets knew about this story and chose not to investigate. This is more than just a problem with the police. This is a problem with the perception of arrest and questioning, and the way our wars and CIA practices around the world have changed that perception by people. Being "suspected" of something should not give police full authority to turn your life upside down. I wonder how many other cities have the same crap going on.
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@amog32 There's not even anyone to go to I mean come on OBVIOUSLY there are plenty of CIA and/or FBI and/or "higher ups" that know all about these sites and just want us to not know about it.
This is horrifying. Who do you go to when the police are the ones that need policed?