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If you're shocked to see photography in the weddings community, don't be. I'm probably more shocked than you that I am writing about it. The truth of the matter is, you want your pictures to evoke the same vibe as your wedding theme.
There will always be the standard wedding shots that are necessary for a wedding album. Besides looking professionally shot, your photos should tell a story and evoke the theme, which is why I am sharing real wedding pictures of Paul and Cassie, as photographed by Jonas Peterson.
While I am sure all the pro (and amateur) photographers out there can school me in the proper lingo of the world of photography, I do know what my eyes see. And there seems to be a grittiness (not noise) in the pictures, like we're eavesdropping with our eyes. It's very editorial, magazine-like. Love that quality. There's a fragrance of truth on the pictures, without a lot of fanfare. It feels authentic. Not at all mainstream.
You can see all of Jonas Peterson's photography on his website. Although he is based in Australia, over half of his clientele is in the rest of the world. If you like his style and his price point, (which starts at $5,000 AUD), then give him a call to book your appointment.
This didn't feel like a wedding to me.
I love this idea. It's so un-wedding, yet really sweet.