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My go-to hairstyle for work and running errands. If you are growing your bangs out you can braid your fringe to keep it from falling! It only takes me 5 minutes to get this look.
Start braiding one side of your natural part. You want to grab a small section and do a simple three strand braid. If desired, you can braid both sides to make a tied-back crown.
Bring the braid to the back and tie the rest of your hair up in a ponytail. Secure it with a hair elastic and start braiding ponytail. When you reach the end secure the ends with a small elastic. Finally roll it up into a bun and pin it in place!
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@beywatch that's pretty much it! However, I would tease the braids on the front to give it a more relaxed style.
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This is surprisingly very easy to do.
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@maymay75 That's way it's my go-to hairstyle. ;)
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I actually already do these. Love them
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