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Love & Mercy will finally be hitting theaters on June 5th, and I'm so stoked to see it! Listening to The Beach Boys always makes me think of really relaxing, fun car trips with my dad, and it seems like this movie will be a good one. (Though I'm not sold on the casting of older Brian Wilson....John Cusack? Really?)
Anyways, Love & Mercy will tell the story of Brian Wilson as works with The Beach Boys and then composes what might be known as one of the greatest albums of all times: Pet Sounds. He clashes a lot with his bandmates in the process, and eventually loses himself in a spiral of despair (and drugs and booze, I guess). I haven't seen the film yet, but it had great reviews from Toronto International Film Festival, and as a fan of The Beach Boys who has known Brian's story for quite a while, it'll be really interesting to see it come to life on screen.
Though really, the casting could have been done better. I don't have a huge issue with Paul Dano, but John Cusack?! No way.
@beywatch Wow, they do look really similar! I'm less thrilled about John Cusack, though...
This is awesome! Paul Dano actually has the same eyes as Brian Wilson. I never noticed that before.