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So I've been doing research to fine ways to revitalize hair. What I found was surprising - a beer rinse. Okay, I'm not a fan of beer but I found a way to actually enjoy the beer for my hair. I know you're all probably thinking, "This girl is crazy for wanting to put beer on her hair." Well, before you come to any conclusion, her are some facts you need to know about beer.
At this point, if you're comfortable to try a beer rinse read on.

What you need:

One bottle of lukewarm, flat, non-alcoholic beer. You can also leave the beer uncovered overnight!


1. Start with clean hair. 2. You might want to use the sink instead of the shower (unless you want beer running down your back).
3. Poured the beer all your hair, making sure every strand is fully coated from the root to the ends. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse it out with warm water before rinsing again with cooler water to get rid of the smell. That's it.
If you do try it let everyone know how it goes. We would love to hear your experience.
@DaniaChicago @HairConfetti I think O'Douls is a popular non-alcholic brand too.
@CandieMachacek just the beer but I know some people conditioner their hair after because of the smell.
I will have to look into this. I just don't want my BF to smell beer on me. @hairconfetti @beywatch
@DaniaChicago You can find it online or in your local grocery. Brands like Buckler or Warsteiner works!
This sounds so cool. But where do I get non-alcoholic beer?
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