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Brooklyn Street Art
Today was mean to be a day of reunion and outing. I was so looking forward to meeting with my old friends. So anxious. But when plans were pushed to next week, I still decided to go forth with what I had planned for them: the Brooklyn Flea Market. Brooklyn has a very different feel than Manhattan. Granted, I do live in a hectic, insane, area... and I cannot go a night without hearing sirens, but Brooklyn is quieter. It has a nice, calm, serenity to it that is not boring. As soon as you get out of the subway, you can feel everyone just a little bit more relaxed. I definitely wouldn't mind living there one day. But for now, as much as I seem to complain, I really do love crazy Manhattan. I found this wall on the way back to the subway. Brooklyn is filled with beautiful walls such as the one I've pictured. They simply add to the charm.
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