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I long to feel, I long to hurt, I long to cry as much as the next person who has done it for years. I want, I have to, I need to feel as much as the next person has felt so much. Because now, I've become so numb to the feelings that made me feel like I was a part of something. I read books because i get lost, in a place where feelings are known all to well, where i can cry the most tears and not be ashamed. I read because it's the place where i feel the most, where things get better as they get worse. The minutes go page by page and it's as if you know where you are and as the sun sets the length of warmth on your skin is all to real. The Read is better than the view, the read is better than the sight, The Read is better than not feeling at all. A mindless robot who wants to be more than just that, he wants to be real, he want to be human and know what it is to cry. What it is to cry for hours over something that was harder to bare second after second. Time turned him into a robot. Time turned him into something he is not. The time had made itself his enemy and he fought to feel as he once did before, the circuits grinding and crushing what real feeling he had. NO! I will be what it is said i was meant to be! I will fight for myself against myself, I will prove to myself that it is better to cry! It is better to cry all the tears in your heart, so that you could fill it with smiles instead. But i'm finding it harder every step of the way, i have no remorse, no regrets at all of meeting you, i have to be the one to say I have and will, always, love you. Suspended in the feeling that left him breathless he re-enters reality, from the book that captured him. He now, understands, The Read will always be the best.
You made a really great example of how reading can teach us to let go in life, too. We let go in books, or we watch others let go in them, and we can take those moments into our own lives and do the same.
Oh my god this about made me cry. This is beautiful... You truly have a real gift. Please, for the love of all that is holy, keep writing. I want to read more.
I really, really love this. The experience of The Read is something I think we can all so relate to. Just absolutely amazing how well you captured the feeling of getting lost in a book