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Leonard Nimoy, the actor that is famous for his portrayal of Spock in the original 'Star Wars' series, passed away this morning from complications with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He was 83 years old.
He first began the role of Spock in the mid-1960s and created something of a legacy for himself that followed him through the rest of his career. He was also known for his filmmaking efforts, wearing the director's hat on a number of projects, including "Three Men and a Baby" and music videos for musicians ranging from the Bangles to Bruno Mars. His talents continued onto screenwriting, photography, and authoring two autobiographies on top of countless books of poetry.
He is survived by his wife, Susan Bay, and his two children, Adam and Julie Nimoy.
Leonard, thanks for bringing an incredible amount of dimension to such a beloved character. You will be greatly missed.
I'm going to close this card out with one of my favorite cover songs of his, Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line", from 'The New World of Leonard Nimoy', one of the five full-length albums Leonard recorded in his time.
So sad... Live long and prosper Spock. Youll live forever in our memories
It's not consolation, really, but this is a man that won't be forgotten. Rest in peace.
@sandylovespie12 I know what you mean. I knew that he was in the hospital but his death was really unexpected to me. :(
I'm really sad about this and I don't mean to be an ass but it's star trek and not star wars
@sandylovespie12 Spock is my favorite character too. :( I used to have a gold vulcan salute pin on my handbag.
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