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One of my favorite things about American DJs - which differs greatly from a lot of European ones - is how much they are able to put their very specific regional identity into their music. For example, Spank Rock and Blaqstarr are definitely Baltimore producers, infusing a lot of the 'B-More Club' sound into their tracks. There is definitely a distinct sound that comes from B-More producers, and most EDM fanatics can point out a good B-More vibe.
Today's group feature, Flosstradamus (comprised DJs Autobot and J2K), is no different. Hailing from Chicago, the DJ duo is able to bring a lot of their city into their music, especially with the aid of local artists. On some of their most popular tracks, they collaborated with Chicago acts like hip-hop group The Cool Kids ("Flossin'") and J2K's sister and Kanye West protégé, Kid Sister ("Damn Girl" from her debut album, 'Control'). Mixing trap, hip-hop, and house with a little bit of early-90s throwback, Flosstradamus really knows how to get a crowd pumped. It's no mystery why they're being brought back to Coachella for a second consecutive year.
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Hahaha, this music video is sort of adorable.