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Inspiration to keep your hair growing. lovelovelove xoxo
@stargaze if you use semi permanent color try adding a little into your daily shampoo and conditioner. there's also a product by pravana called silk shine degrees. its a deep conditioner designed to seal the hair shaft and keep vibrant colors from fading. I used it on a client that had color that would fade in days, after a treatment her color lasted until about the time her roots grew out. When I first started coloring my hair I slept with the semi color on overnight, wrapped in one of those small towels with the button on the back. That helped a lot, and retouching your color, before it needs it, will keep it brighter longer in the long run.
I wonder how do you keep the hair color dark and beautiful? Every time I color my hair it fades within a couple of weeks.
Her makeup is. Lol
For a second I also thought her eyes are purple!
my hair is also purple but not all of my hair but it isn't as pretty as hers
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