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Taylor Swift turned heads with this dark yet feminine look in LA earlier this month. While all-black ensembles can get a little tricky or bland, she mixed things up with strappy platform sandals, a fun hat, and oxblood-colored satchel.
Want to get the look without breaking your budget? Here's a head-to-toe breakdown totaling only $183.39 - her iconic red lipstick included!

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Look it up @beywatch. it's a gin beverage. lol
@NixonWoman Wow that sounds like something I'd love. I love gin especially closer to the holidays.
Darling, some advice: Never wait for a holiday to do something you love! ;)
I buy so many dark clothes that my friends call me goth -_- yet, I want that black skirt!
I never understood "Goth" for wearing black unless the all-black look was in concert with white-out faces and scary makeup and bodies riddled with metal pierced parts connected by strands of chain. @iluvdurian31 I think you should wear what you love and not worry about your friends. I bet they all look the same, with no real fashion point of view. It's okay to be a leader of fashion in your group of friends. Not everyone can wear mom jeans, rock perms and Nine West flats.