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Amber looked up at the dark sky, rain pelting down face. The rain mixing with her tears so no one knows that she is crying. She forced her eyes to stay open even though she felt tired; all she wanted to do was sleep. She didn’t feel pain or lost anymore, she felt relief for the first time in her life. Lying down on the wet cement she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. When she opens her eyes with a smile on her face she sees her best friend looking down at her with a sad smile on her face. She moves her hand to reach out to her but she has trouble moving.  Her friend reached down to her and caressed her face. She closed her eyes at the feel of her friends touch, amazed that she can feel it. When she opened her eyes she was standing next to her friend. They both looked down at Amber’s lifeless body, glass and blood all around her. The ambulance finally showed, the EMT running pass her wrecked car to her body but she is already gone. Amber turns away from the life she once had, links arm with her best friend and says “Let’s go home.”
Dark, and sad....but well written! :) first I was a little confused...but then as I kept reading it was as if I was wiping a foggy glass and I was like, oh.... that was great
thank you :) @chiaroscuro