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Is anyone else watching this adorable drama? ^^
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as in i'm raising my two "me, me.. im watching this" lol
5 years ago·Reply
@katieloidlei haha awesome!! i need to catch up....i only watched the first 2 it still going strong?
5 years ago·Reply
@yourinsomia I stopped watching.. i rested for 3 days.. still on episode 2.. :( ..
5 years ago·Reply
@katieloidlei lol we need to catch up before the drama finishes airing!
5 years ago·Reply
@youinsomia yeah right.. but i'm really hooked by this reality variety show..(we got married) i know i'm late now, but since I liked Yong-Hwa i am currently watching their episodes.. as in super LOLed.. so many to watch so little time..
5 years ago·Reply