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So the buzz is that reversing the routine in the shower helps pull out the residue left behind from using conditioner after shampooing. By shampooing after conditioning you'll receive the full effects of soft bouncy hair without the weigh down. Here's how: 1) Prior to even getting you hair wet it's important to brush it out, this helps in distributing the conditioner evenly. 2) Your hair needs to be thoroughly soaked, like really wet. 3) Disperse conditioner, let it stay on your hair for several minutes. Quickly rinsing it won't help you. 4) While the conditioner is STILL IN YOUR HAIR, apply shampoo. Don't rinse conditioner before the shampoo. 5) Finish washing and rinse as normal. Some tips: -Conditioner is one of those get what you pay for products, ergo cheap conditioner, cheap hair. -Invest a couple dollars in a wet brush, or wide tooth comb for after your shower. These greatly help with breakage. Your hair is most fragile and more prone to breakage while wet. -Towel drying your hair causes frizz. Absorbent cotton is best to wrap your hair with until you're ready to blow dry it. Happy styling:) xoxo
I tried it and my hair just feels dry and awful
Its to drown out my own singing. Lol.
Glad to know I'm not the only one listening to music while showering.
it's good @marypanda
@MaryPanda I use conditioner last and my hair is always fluffy and bouncy
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