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Tried to update the card, but apparently I've added too many cards tonight so here it is (sorry, typing on a touch screen sucks ) 1) Curl your hair with your favorite method, wand, Marcel, or iron. 2) Back comb or tease at the crown to give a little lift to your 'do. Be sure to do this before your first pony tail goes in. 3) Pull all the hair that falls behind your ears into a pony tail. ( picture 3 ) ((tip, setting the pony on or above the occipital bone will give it that special perk)) 4) Now take all the hair that fall to the left across the top of the pony tail, give it a twist nd pin it slightly to the right. 5) Repeat on opposite side 6) Break out a texturizing powder or product (i prefer a texture serum) and add a pizzaz to your masterpiece, feeling in wherever you feel necessary. You'll notice the difference. 7) Finally go in with your method of curling and touch up a few strands that may have fallen. 8) Finish it off with your favorite strong hold hair spray. Style on! xoxo
its seems nice but can u plz more clear instructions. i wanna try this..
I wish that I knew this hairstyle back when I was working at Starbucks. They always make me wear my hair up off my shoulders, but I always threw it into a crappy cafeteria lady bun. :(
I love everything about her hair. It's perfect color, length, and style. Mine never looks that good before a ponytail.
I love that this hides the hair band!
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