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First appearance of Yoo Chun in "I Miss You" ep.2

His teary eyes just blew me away. :'( I like this drama. It makes me realize how lucky I am having my friends all along.
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@negin... yeah, i agree, looks younger here...@yinof... me too...!!
I loved how this episode ended. I love the young cast, but I can't wait until the adults arrive.
he seems really older than rooftop prince!
i enjoy watching the younger actors, they are really good and had me crying within the first 30 mins of episode 1. i think the older actors will at least come in eps 4...
though he has a short appearance in ep 2, it was really strong and great.. how he expressed himself, how he longs for so yeon and how he endures the long wait for her.. he still remembers the 15-year old so yeon that he knew back him here... which episode do you think yoochun and eun hae will take over?
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