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Deep Condition: I tell my clients ALL the time. "Use leave-in conditioners." "Do you use heat protection?" "How often do you use a deep conditioning treatment?" I sound like a nagging wife. But I know what I'm talking about. Conditioner is key for frizz free locks, especially deep conditioners. They help seal the cuticle and heal the hair shaft from the damage done everyday. They also moisturize, and keep your hair from being dry and static-y during those winter months. Monthly or Bi-monthly Trims: Ever know you needed a cut because your ends looked "fuzzy"? Yeah, that's from all those adorable little broken up, split and damaged ends. Nipping those boogers off will keep them from spreading , reeking havoc all over your head. It doesn't have to be often (because come on, who has time?) and it doesn't have to be a lot (because I know it just can't grow fast enough) but just a quarter inch every six weeks can be the biggest difference. Drying Smarts: Towels are rough, and they fray out the cuticle of your hair, leaving it what? If you guessed frizzy DING! Right. Instead, Wrap it in absorbent cotton until you get around to using the hair dryer. When blow drying hold the nozzle angled down the hair shaft and brush the hair in the direction of the style you're wanting. (You remembered the leave in, right? Because you'll really notice the difference right here) Brace Yourself, Serum Is Coming: I realized smoothing serums are scary. They're one of those products that if not used carefully can be very upsetting. But this is going to leave you with the perfect shine on your new beautifully smooth locks. If youre a little timid to try, try my favorite tried and true method: start with just one half of a pump in the palm of your hand and start at the very ends, Never Ever touch above the mid shaft when using serum (the cause of greasy locks) Thoroughly brush through your hair and add product as needed. There's so many serums on the market its not hard to find one for you. Ask you're hairdresser if there's certain things you're looking for in your serum. Happy styling! xoxo
Wella smoothing oil is the best it's light on the hair an no matter how much you use it doesn't make your hair look greasy. I recommend it to all my clients for their hair
I used to use a garnier frutis (spelling??) serum and I have NO idea why I stopped! I must have just run out and then never replaced it. I'm fixing that asap!
I love using Bumble & Bumble's de-frizz serum. I just sort of hate how greasy serums make your hands feel after.. blehhhh..
@iluvdurian31 it's like a smoothing serum
@amelindamanka What's a smoothing oil?
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