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So do longboardrs hate on freeborders? They are badass in my opinion i tried riding one it definitely takes skill let me know how u feel!
Freeboarders can block traffic cause they ride slower. Navigating through corners or obstructions is more difficult. They play on the same turf as skaters, so there is a general worry that Freeboarders will blow a hill by blocking traffic or wrecking in a corner. That's what I've heard and I think they look fun, but I still prefer hauling ass on a longboard that can turn and grip or slide.
I felt like I had to ride at a slight angle constantly and railing corners is like driving a boat, swing to the opposite side before cutting in.
Yeah I snowboard like every weekend. It doesn't really feel the same at all to me@ZackeryStudtman
dude @ShelbySmith I have a freeboard and longboard and love them both! they both take skill and are lots of fun!
You can be stable if you learn the right form and technique... That's just really hard to learn haha and yea it's supposed to feel like a snowboard.. It doesn't haha
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