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So do longboardrs hate on freeborders? They are badass in my opinion i tried riding one it definitely takes skill let me know how u feel!
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Will I cant say I hate freeborders. Freebords were made as a summer substitute for snowboards but I think it's like a longboard for cheaters since there are caster wheel on the bottom
i would accept that board if you take the crappy scooter wheel off the middle c: in otherwords not a freeboarder but that is a nice deck
I see zero benefits to them, but hey if you like riding on them have fun. Just dont hold me back.
I love snowboarding, but unfortunately it Doesn't last all year. Freebord (yes that's how it's spelled) Gives me that snowboard feel in the summer. It is super hard and I'm still learning, but I'll never stop longboarding.