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Daily Dose of Writing
Do you guys ever wonder what our world would be like if simple concepts like gravity were completely different? February 27, 2015 Write a short description of a world where gravity is constantly fluctuating. How do the denizens deal with it? February 25, 2015 Write an inspirational speech motivating a group of people to move on after experiencing the devastating death of their phone battery. February 23, 2015 Write the thoughts of a child learning to play an instrument for the first time. February 21, 2015 Personify an emotion and write their actions and thoughts for a short period of time in a day.
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I was just speaking with a friend about gravity yesterday (we were discussing that bizarre Mars 1 mission that might happen, and if the people have thought about gravity). I'll have to think about this one--I'm not sure I can imagine it!
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