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What Justin Says after the Break-Up
Justin Bieber has spoken out regarding his split with Selena Gomez - sort of. The pop superstar was asked about his breakup with his girlfriend of nearly two years during an interview with Open House Party radio show host John Garabedian -- and seemed none too pleased with the question. "I don't know what to say," the Biebs said, when asked during the Saturday interview if he had any comment about rampant breakup rumors (neither confirming nor denying the split). "I don't know if really -- if you even know what's going on in my life, so to even assess that doesn't make any sense, because I've not made any comments." The awkward exchange continued as Garabedian said, "Well, let's move on to the next subject," and Bieber tersely replied, "That would make sense." The "As Long As You Love Me" singer later took to Twitter to thank his "Beliebers" for their unwavering support. "Regardless of what happens I see all of the tweets and all the love you guys are sending me," he wrote on Sunday. "Thank u. Love u too." credit: Access Hollywood
He sure has a lot to say! Hahaha
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Welln, he is not just ready. When he is he will split it out.
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they're back together for the nth time you guys...
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