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Fear is not real..
I agree. As a domestic abuse survivor I lived fear and danger. Having been left for dead crawling to my cell phone to dial the police and so scared even through court. The relief I felt that someone at last believed me. The Judge sent me to Abuse counseling where I learned to stand up for myself. I learned for me danger or otherwise I have no fear any longer. God is the only one who has the right to hurt me no one else. I will protect myself and I will survive. I am not afraid to be with God. But no one or anything will scare or hurt me again unless God calls my number. Life is too short not to enjoy, live, have fun and love! I agree we come into this world innocent and the world and people around shape us without our consent or reasoning abilities even. Other people's lives, fears, hopes, ways, mold us and we can become trapped in their world. Never really knowing our core. Some are lucky and find themselves others not. I am learning more the older I get and with freedom. Freedom brings a great price for me as well. Freedom means and has meant loss financially, emotionally, and of family and friends. But to shed the fears I lived I know God will take care of me. I have to believe it will all be great some day! Life is a choice I make.
@redridergirl Hats off to you..May God continue shining His light upon u
@redridergirl soooo proud of you girl keep ur head up high take care of yourself be strong happy and healthy you're so right life is too short not to enjoy it and to live in fear enjoy your life and your freedom cherish it. :-) ♥ have a great day.
Agreed 100 percent...Fear is something humans develop by teachings and words. They form some notions about such stuff which creates the fear. Take a new born baby for instance..It wont be afraid of a ghost or a spirit(if they exists), bcause it doesnt know anything about it yet. Fear is inculcated by us by as you rightly said. When someone says you cant do this,we really start to think..maybe we really cant do it.Thats fear instilled by other humans.
For some reason I was taught since I was a kid that there are some things we must fear like the fear of god the fear of after life but I have learned those teachings are wrong you should't be living in fear when it comes to your faith which comes from deep inside you we don't need to be feared to see what's right and wrong we just need to be true to ourselves and work hard on being the righteous and kind humans yes fear is merely a choice, this quote is so right.
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