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Ji Chang Wook ❤
I finished Healer in 4 days and I'm completely in love with the show. Supurb acting among all of the cast. But..I'm obsessed with Ji Chang Wook! His acting and his smile is just... amazing. I miss the show so much!
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yeah,you r right.they seemed really comfortable with each other and funny thing is the lead actress said in one interview that she enjoyed her character becz the male lead was no handsome naturally! !!! so not only us,she is amused by him as well. @ StephanieDuong
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one of my favorites too...
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my favorites, can not stand this smile ^^
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His smile is to die for..... haha. @rosetran280980
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I agree! he's one of my top favorite K Drama Actors right now. I watching Bachelors Vegetable Store again right now, and I'm getting ready to watch Empress Ki also. I'm preparing for his upcoming C-Drama "Mr. Right" early 2016.
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