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Loaded Tesseract?

I wanna get just the deck because I don't do too much riding but before I do I'd like some feedback on it as far as flex goes. I'm a big ole' fatty. I weigh about 350 lbs. I want to know what the flex would be like, or if I'd snap the board if I got on. If someone could give me some input that'd be greatly appreciated.
ThtYoungElwoodJ.. his brother rides a Five Mile Black Sheep. Super stout deck.
@steezus I will ride it everywhere. I mean I don't make special trips to go sliding or bomb hills.
You really don't wanna buy an expensive board if you don't ride much. It's a waste of your money.
tesseract has flex. try getting a board made with 9 plys
Hi5ber boards are by far the strongest I've seen... But I'm sure you wont wanna spend that much on a deck if you're just getting into it haha
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