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The Products I Use: Maybelline EyeStudio Gel eyeliner (darkest shade available) E.l.f. Flawless eye shadow (the black at the very bottom) Standard eyebrow comb two brushes, both very flat, one is narrow and longer, the other wide and short. Step one: Comb out the hair so it all flows well and with the arch of your brow. Step two: Using the wider of the brushes, lightly dust on the e.l.f. black shadow. Start from the inner side and work your way to the arch. Do not add anymore powder to your brush, use only what you have. Step Three: Rotating the same brush use the edge to fill in any gaps. Step Four: Switch brushes. Using the more narrow one, dab both sides into the gel liner, coating the tip of the brush. Starting underneath the arch, line and fill the "tail" of your brow. Use extremely light strokes. Step Five: Using the brow brush again, blend the powder and he liner. If necessary use more powder to darken any desired area.
I have the same elf palette but I never thought of using it as an eyebrow shader.
@danidee at first I had them shaped by a lady I worked under at a nail salon, she gave me a general arch, and from there I've kept them shaped and tweaked the shape as I liked. I wax my own about twice a month and at least every other day I use tweezers and lift my brow with my thumb and get really good under the arch. that's the best way I've found to keep it clean all the time. I wouldn't recommend waxing your own brows unless you're experienced with waxing. One other thing I find that works a miracle, that not enough people do, is brush all the hair straight up and clip with manicure scissors whatever sticks out above the top line of your brow, I do this going down too. Again super important to work well into and with the arch. I recommend going to a professional if you feel uncomfortable trying this, they'll be happy to show you. :). I'm planning on doing a tutorial on waxing and shaping soon:) @AlohaJPark Eye shadows have always worked well for me. i discovered it because I was too broke to buy other makeup. Lol
This is a really great tutorial, Liz! I really want to be able to groom my eyebrows better because like yours, my hair is super dark, so it really frames my face. What do you usually do to get the general shape of your eyebrow to begin with? Do you get them waxed professionally, or do you do stuff at home?