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so ummm it was too good to be true. I am single, I guess we were moving to fast with it.... Im a bit upset but now I know I should wait. Ill be damned to trust a guy with my heart again. My little man is all I need ♡
well for now I am, Dont need no distractions when I have my little one to worry about. Didn't feel right but hey stuff happens for a reason right :)?? I am keep my head up high, no need to keep it hanging down in sadness @christinabryce
@christinabryce yup that is true :) no need to mourn forever. There are more and better fish in the sea :)
@onesmile yup they do :) and I hope so but whoever is ment to be in my son and my life he will show up when he finds us but for now its just me and my baby :) and he is all i need
@brett32 thank you!! I know people like that as well and it ticks me off that theyre willing to put dick first before their own children. But hey some people arent ment to be mothers.
Smart thinking :) I wouldn't say turn down romantic love forever, but family love is just as good and your little guy can be your rock for a while!!! Stay strong, stay happy!! :)
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