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Coffee Bean has a signature frappuccino called "Pure Vanila" that drizzled with caramel or chocolate sauce is to die for! I like it so much that I had to get their powder mix and make it at home whenever I feel the crave. You can find it at any Coffee Bean shop and it's quick to make
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Yum! and 240 cal isn't even that bad!
@galinda exactly!! @Nisfit it says 240 calories per serving. can be used for hot vanilla, cafe vanilla, tea latte, and ice blended
Homemade coffee drinks are always better than going to the actual cafe! You add so much less syrup and save a ton of $$$
Mmm I love that I get to control the level of vanilla in my drinks too - does it happen to have a calorie count on the box?
How does yours compare? Does it taste just as good?
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