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2015 Vette Hood Wrap

Wrapped this hood on a customers new vette what u guys think?
Great work! Beautiful!
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Magellan GPS
The Magellan GPS application gives you the good GPS pilot insight on your cell phone! This free application is intended to be a hearty pursuit device with a broad Points of Interest library. What's more, Magellan GPS Update shows recommended areas and arrangements in unique flipping squares, continuously remaining applicable to your area. Magellan GPS Mapping Software Plan your excursion with GPS planning programming to make your range more straightforward. You can save your last-minute issues, which typically happen when you travel to another locale. This exceptional Device will show you the straightforward waypoints, and you will actually want to follow all your open air exercises. Also, you can see form maps utilizing Magellan GPS planning programming to see the region more meticulously. Magellan GPS Tracker Magellan GPS Tracker utilizes 12-Channel WAAS to precisely follow your whereabouts. Individuals utilize this Device to follow fishing Magellan GPS Update areas of interest, climbing, graph courses, and stamping trails over land and water. Consequently, the Device is planned with the expect to be utilized for marine and open air exercises. The Device is adequately expected to show you where you're going, the voyaged way and the distance staying to your objective. Besides, it doesn't need alignment as the Device is loaded down with altimeter and strain delicate indicators that furnish clients with more exactness. Magellan GPS Satellite Navigation This Satellite route gadget utilizes a group of stars of 24 GPS satellites to guarantee your careful position. Thinking about how it functions? Allow us to tell you, the Device tracks the satellite's position utilizing an inside chronological registry that shows the satellite's general position, and afterward the highest level of Magellan Satellite Navigation shows you the area you are looking for. Visit New Software Links Just one Click & Download Magellan GPS Update||Magellan GPS||Linksys Extender Setup||Netgear Extender Setup||TPLinkWifi || TPLinkRepeater||Spectrum Login||Navman Update
If Celebrities Were Just Ordinary People
1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West We know Kimye as being somewhat as American royalty. Kanye being an overly confident singer/rapper and Kim Kardashian maintaining her reality show and massive business empire. But in a parallel universe, Mr. West is working at an insurance company while Kim works as a dental assistant. They are your average middle class family living outside of San Diego. They named their child Stacey West and they were unable to have another child due to Kim's infertility. The medical costs would have been far too much to afford to try to have another child. 2. Beyoncé and Jay-Z Beyoncé and Jay-Z are artists making millions of dollars. Bey is Queen B and they are worldly known. The power couple goes on elaborate vacations and discards expensive luxury items because they can. However, in another universe Beyoncé and Jay-Z live in the Bronx. Jay-Z works as a teller at the local Chase Bank while Beyoncé works in Manhattan as a secretary. They have a little girl named Blue which is still a name of contention with the rest of the family. Like who would name their kid a color? 3. Jennifer Aniston One of the hottest and loved middle-aged celebrities out there. Aniston is a legend in Hollywood. However times have come at a rough time for Jennifer Aniston in a parallel universe. She gained far too much weight in college leading to her obesity and she continues to drink like a fiend. Aniston has been charged with illegal usage of prescription drugs. 4. The Kardashian Family They're you're favorite Californian family yet you're still unsure as to why you're so obsessed with them. They have a massive business empire that doesn't show any signs of slowing down. In this parallel universe, the Kardashians now live in Bakersfield. The women are growing older and wrinkled but they still go get their hair and nails done. Kris Kardashian is now a widow and will probably join eharmony soon. She never had Kendall or Kylie because she never remarried. She watches celebrity Caitlyn Jenner on the screen and is very supportive. "Wow," she thinks wondering what it would be like to be famous. 5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to be the couple that everyone wants to be like. They have amazing lives and an abundance of children. They are both gorgeous and they have everything they've ever wanted. In a parallel universe, Brad and Angelina never got married. They live in Appalachia and are simply friends with benefits. Brad goes to the local bar frequently while Angelina is a help at the post office. Angelina never settled down to have kids because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she can't afford to get chemo. 6. Britney Spears 90's pop sensation is doing well. She's going through multiple boyfriends, she's got kids, and she's got plenty of shows in Vegas. Spears is still doing well! In a parallel universe, Spears lives in a trailer park 45 minutes outside of Knoxville, TN. She married a man named Bert. Spears though however, got caught this week with marijuana charges and will be in the county jail for two days. 7. Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan has been known in recent years to be in and out of rehab, an alcoholic, and a drug addict. She's gone in a downward spiral and is trying to regain the remaining happiness in her life. However luckily in a parallel universe, Lohan is living a typical happy life on the east coast. She lives in a little cottage off the beach. She can wear flip flops everyday and even though she doesn't necessarily have the bikini body like she did as a teenager, she is comfortable in her own skin. And on occasion she'll have a cigarette. 8. Paris Hilton Ohhhh Paris. The original reality star phenomenon is famous for being famous. She doesn't have a talent but she does have a lot of money. In a parallel universe, Paris Hilton is a yuppie trophy wife. Her days of beauty and glamour never necessarily happened, she was just trying to be good enough for her well-off husband. She's still carrying around her yippie dog but instead of a Beverly Hills Mansion, she's got an average beach home in Ft. Lauderdale. Wooden walls give that nautical vibe. 9. Rihanna She seems to always be pushing the envelope and doesn't care if she's seen naked or not. She knows she's a sex symbol even though it's not her goal. Rihanna has award after award given to her and the radio keeps playing her songs. However, in a parallel universe, Rihanna is a realtor in Atlanta, Georgia. When she moved to the United States, she realized Atlanta to be an affordable, cultural, and fulfilling city. It also was home to a strong christian community and she felt very welcomed. And with big homes going for a cheap price in Atlanta suburbs, she has a comfortably steady income. The best part? She'll also be celebrating her 22nd anniversary with her husband this month. 10. Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus is on quite a change of heart in our world. She's trying to change the world in positive ways by creating an LGBT foundation and embracing her sexuality. She's got a new look, provocative music videos, and plenty of cash. But in a parallel universe Miley lives in Texas never able to get out of the lone star state to get to Nashville. She's already finished with high school and has never heard of a Disney show called "Hannah Montana". Her dream was to be a singer but with her father losing his job, it's not realistic.
K-Pop Dreams
I don't normally have dreams about things relating to K-Pop, but today, BamBam was an exchange student at my school... What would you do if you walked through the doors of your school, exhausted, yawning, wanting to go home, but all of that changing when you lay your eyes on none other than Kunpimook Bhuwakul? He's walking towards you and you don't really know what's going on. You're standing there, frozen, wondering if anyone else sees him, but then you remember that not a lot of people in your school know about K-Pop. You're wondering what exactly is happening. You're wishing that you actually made an effort to look decent, but it's Monday, so you're wearing an over-sized sweater, leggings, and Ugg boots. But even with you not looking your best, BamBam smiles and asks, "Do you know where room 225 is?" Your heart drops as you realize that BamBam, BAMBAM OF GOT7, is talking to YOU. When he realizes that you are acting weird, he asks, "You know who I am, don't you?" You slowly nod your head and he says, "Finally. I met someone who actually knows who I am. This is our secret, okay?" You slowly nod your head again and BamBam laughs. "You don't talk much..." He says. You open your mouth to say something, but the bell rings. (Also known as your lovely alarm clock irl that wakes you up at the best part.) But that's only some of my dream. We spent lots of time together. We hugged and hung out after school. People were calling him Kevin, so I guess that was his English name? He was also calling me his "love"... WHAT IF MY DREAM MEANS SOMETHING ASDFGHJKL. Have you ever had a K-Pop dream? If so, who was in it? What happened? ^^
Sự chuyển mình "hoa lệ" của Carrie Underwood
Đã 10 năm kể từ ngày Carrie đoạt giải quán quân tại cuộc thi American Idol....hãy cùng xem cô nàng đã thay đổi như thế nào trong 10 năm "huy hoàng' của cuộc đời mình nhé! "Tôi mãi mãi biết ơn cuộc thi American Idol vì đã thay đổi cuộc đời của tôi",đó là những gì Carrie đã chia sẻ trên trang instagram của mình ngày hôm qua để kỷ niệm sự kiện quan trọng này của cuộc đời mình. Trước khi được mọi người biết đến ,Carrie chỉ là một cô gái nhỏ 21 tuổi đến từ bang Oklahoma nhưng đã gây ấn tượng mạnh với ban giám khảo của chương trình American Idol với bài hát 'I can't make you love me" của Bonnie Raitt. Vào năm 2005,có vẻ cô nàng vẫn chưa xác định rõ được phong cách thích hợp cho mình nên Carrie đã chọn cho mình một kiểu khá dừ so với độ tuổi 20 cho một phần biểu diễn của mình tại American Idol. Vào cuối năm 2005 ,Carrie vinh dự có buổi biểu diễn tại giải thể thao Game Four of the 2005 NBA Finals với trang phục khỏe khoắn và mái tóc vàng xoăn tự nhiên nhưng có vẻ vẫn chưa gây ấn tượng lắm. Vào năm 2007,Carrie đã chọn cho mình một chiếc váy lấy lánh đầy gợi cảm để tham dự lễ trao giải CMT Music Awards.Đây cũng được xem là sự đánh dấu trong việc thay đổi phong cách của cô nàng. Cũng vào cùng năm, Carrie đã tham dự Lễ trao giải American Music Awards 2007 với chiếc đầm mini màu trắng đầy tinh tế và mái tóc búi cao đơn giản nhưng sang trọng đã ẵm riêng về cho mình 3 giải thưởng AMAs 2007. Cuối năm 2007 , Carrie đã xuất hiện tại sự kiện Movie Rock như một "nữ thần Hy Lạp" khi cô chọn cho mình chiếc váy đỏ dài chấm đất với mái tóc búi che nữa khuôn mặt.Cô ấy trông thật đẳng cấp ! Trong năm 2008 ,tiếp tục với phong cách đầy đẳng cấp của năm 2007,cô nàng đã xuất hiện trở lại chương trình American Idol trong một chiếc váy với màu sắc khá tinh tế. Năm 2009 là năm mà Carrie muốn bức phá từ hình ảnh thần tượng nước Mỹ khi cô xuất hiện ở mọi nơi với kiểu tóc gợn sóng đầy mới mẻ và kiểu váy du mục trẻ trung. Một năm sau, Carrie lại tỏa sáng trong chiếc đầm màu Hot Pink tại chương trình CMT Music Awards 2010.Một ngôi sao phong cách đã xuất hiện ! Khi xuất hiện trong chương trình ACM Awards 2011 cùng với Steven Tyler ,cô nàng đã tô điểm cho mái tóc vàng đã trở thành thương hiệu của mình bằng những lọn tóc màu hồng đầy chất rock và ấn tượng. Carrie tỏa sáng từ đầu đến chân khi xuất hiện tại giải thưởng Grammy danh giá vào năm 2012 Cũng tại giải Grammy một năm sau đó ,Carrie đã làm chiếc váy Roberto Cavalli của mình thêm nổi bật với trang sức trị giá lên đến 31 triệu đô. Cô gái nhỏ đến từ Oklahoma đã hoàn toàn trưởng thành và lột xác khi lúc nào cũng xuất hiện với thời trang đầy phong cách,sang trọng và đẳng cấp. Hiện tại,Carrie Underwood không những là một nữ nghệ sĩ thành công với 7 giải thưởng Grammys mà cô còn có một thương hiệu thời trang riêng do chính cô thiết kế và cuộc hôn nhân hạnh phúc với chàng cầu thủ hockey Mike Fisher.Thêm một tin vui nữa là họ sắp sữa đón đứa con đầu lòng của mình.
MLB Top Plays of the Day (09/20/15)
Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day! 5. Matt Duffy (San Francisco Giants) A ground ball hit slowly on the third baseline wasn't going to stop Matt Duffy make this amazing play! He made the throw across his body and retired Nick Ahmed to end the inning. The ball looked like it was going to be an infield hit but Duffy made this exceptional play and let the Giants to a 5-1 win over the Diamondbacks. 4. Chase Utley (Los Angeles Dodgers) The ball was shot up the middle but Chase Utley smothered the ball and made a perfect throw on one knee to first to get the out! The 36 year-old veteran has shown strong defense throughout his entire career and this was just one more play that he added to his repertoire. The Dodgers however fell to the Pirates 4-3. 3. David Murphy (Los Angeles Angels) A strong line drive was hit to left field but David Murphy wasn't going to allow any hits. Murphy chased the ball, lunged for it, and made a beautiful diving catch to end the inning. HIs team however fell to the hot Twins 8-1. 2. Eugenio Suarez (Cincinnati Reds) Eugenio Suarez backhanded that ball and it was a long throw to first. It seemed like a very close call but the first base umpire first ruled the play safe. Reds manager Bryan Price however wasn't going to let it go without a challenge. And after a video review, the decision was overturned and his amazing play even got better with that out. It's always so tough to get a lot out of a throw like that but he made it into a perfect play. The Reds however lost 8-4 against the Milwaukee Brewers. 1. Jason Heyward (St. Louis Cardinals) It was a fly ball lifted into right field. Heyward however wasn't going to be satisfied with just one out. He throws a laser beam to home plate and gets it in time for two outs. He got into a perfect throwing position, it was a perfect throw, and he wowed everyone with a double play. And the Cardinals who are the number one ranked team in the MLB, beat the Chicago Cubs, the third best team in the MLB 4-3. Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games! What was your favorite play of the day? @christianmordi @jeff4122 @ljk901023 @TessStevens @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl @Starbell808 *If you guys would like to be tagged every time I upload a Top 5 Plays of the Day card, please let me know by commenting on the comments section below!