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 Source : Flickr
1.Square Watermelon
You don’t have to worry about watermelon rolling down the hill anymore! (Oh how great!)
2.Watermelons that steal your heart
Source : Flickr 3.You can even build pyramids of watermelon
You mean first picture?
No, I mean second picture.
Source : Flickr 4.Pentagon Orange
Cause “begin round” is not perfect enough.For Japanese, it is actually now a new “good luck” for exams. Not to worry about how to draw a pentagon in geometry exams anymore – how yummy!
5.Strawberries uniform in shape, colour, taste and more
$70 for 12 strawberries?!Only those who are perfect in shape deserve that satin sheet to sleep like a queen.
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I'm sort of into the whole pentagon orange thing....
I need that heart watermelon in my life!
I like the watermelon heart. I'mma ask for it for valentine's day.
I've heard of the square watermelons before but pentagon oranges?!