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well what can i say? he has it all... and though he's super younger than me, i'm still onto him....lol and although he has a wound on his hand on the last pic.. he still looks great... i wonder what caused it and when?
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hahhhaha... i want to, but with my age... di na yata pede...hahahahah
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@ nylamresh and havnaron.... guys my ng leak n balita but im not really sure ha,.. FIRST ABS CBN my hawak ng exclusive coverage SURE UN!! SECOND sa NOV 15 daw dating ni LMH TIME? I< NOT SURE THIRD c Toni Gonzaga mg iinterview ky LMH.. Does anyone of you follower Toni Gonzagas Twitter for verification??? As of now,, un ;ng muna
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thanks for the info chaileeminho.. i don't follow toni gonzaga eh...
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Will he grace ASAP?
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wow he'll arrive tomorrow.... Naia should prepare for that hahaha !=)
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