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Motorcycle Canvas Bags by Gentcreate
Looking for the best motorcycle bags on the market? Look no further than our selection of motorcycle canvas bags from Gentcreate! From motorcycle saddle bags to motorcycle tank bags, we have the perfect bag for your needs. Our saddle bags for motorcycles are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. Plus, our leather motorcycle bags are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your ride. And for the ultimate in convenience, check out our selection of motorcycle luggage rack bags. Why are canvas motorcycle bags better? Canvas motorcycle bags are a great option for a number of reasons. First, they are extremely durable and built to last. Plus, they offer a great deal of protection for your belongings. And, they are a great way to add a touch of style to your motorcycle. What are the different types of canvas motorcycle bags? There are a few different types of canvas motorcycle bags on the market. The most popular options are motorcycle saddle bags, motorcycle tank bags, and saddle bags for motorcycles. What are the best motorcycle saddle bags? The best motorcycle saddle bags will depend on your individual needs. However, we recommend checking out our selection of leather motorcycle bags. These bags are made from high-quality materials and offer a great deal of protection for your belongings. Plus, they add a touch of style to your motorcycle. What are the best motorcycle tank bags? The best motorcycle tank bags will again depend on your individual needs. However, we recommend our selection of motorcycle luggage rack bags. These bags are convenient and offer a great deal of storage space.
Motorcycle: Honda CTX700 DCT ABS
Freedom! Ah the open road! Wind in your helmet! Time to think all to yourself! Bathing suit underneath all the riding gear and off to a full days adventure to find a lake, pond or just hit the beach if that is where this baby takes me! How about you? How long have you been dreaming of hitting that open road? Well, stop dreaming! Motorcycles of all types to choose from from BMW, Harley, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, etc. Whatever type fits your lifestyle. Get out there and enjoy the open road! I love the beauty of this Honda CTX700 DCT ABS! Read a little about it from their specs: 2014 Honda CTX700/CTX700D with DCT and ABS Features & Benefits The open road has never looked more inviting than when you're rolling along on the new 2014 Honda CTX™700. Made for travel with an efficient fairing and windscreen up front, the CTX700 boasts features that make it an ideal partner for exploring all that the open road can offer. It starts with great rider accommodations, thanks in large part to a comfy seat that's only 28.3 inches high—a handy aid around town. Then there's the powerful, smooth-running 670cc engine with its twin cylinders canted 62 degrees forward for better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity for nimble handling. There's also the option of an easy-to-use automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) or a standard six-speed manual; the DCT allows riders to instantly choose between a fully automatic mode or the option of more active gear selection via "paddle-shift" type buttons on the handlebar. Better yet, the CTX700D also comes equipped with an Antilock Braking System (ABS). With its broad power curve, light and nimble handling, roomy riding accommodations and smooth engine, the CTX700 excels at long-range travel, but these qualities also make it a terrific weekend warrior or daily rider. With all this and more, all in a very affordable package, get out and see that destination you've been wanting to visit—on the Honda CTX700. Features & Benefits - Upper fairing and windscreen divert wind around the rider, adding to comfort and reducing fatigue. - Sophisticated liquid-cooled SOHC eight-valve 670cc parallel-twin engine pumps out abundant torque in the low-end and midrange for easily accessible power. - An impressively broad torque curve gives the CTX700 a remarkably linear and smooth power delivery. - A relatively long engine stroke (80.0mm combined with a 73.0mm bore) and a high-inertia crankshaft are design elements that add to the CTX700's extremely tractable power characteristics. - The 62-degree forward lean given to the cylinder assembly facilitates near-vertical mounting of the single 36mm throttle body for superior intake port positioning and shaping. In addition, special shaping to the combustion chambers further enhance engine combustion efficiency for clean burning and optimal power production. - An engine balancer shaft quells vibration for smooth, comfortable operation, and rubber-mounted footrests also add to rider comfort. - Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) continuously monitors numerous variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture for existing riding and atmospheric conditions, thereby delivering optimal performance and remarkably crisp throttle response over a wide range of operating conditions. Two Model Options: - CTX700D with DCT/ABS features a second-generation automatic six-speed Honda Dual Clutch Transmission that uses two hydraulically controlled clutches to deliver quick and smooth gear changes in a choice of three modes: Manual (MT), which allows the rider to shift gears using buttons, and two automatic (AT) modes—S for sport riding and D for everyday use. - DCT model also features an Antilock Braking System (ABS) to provide full antilock functionality for secure braking action. - CTX700 features a manual six-speed transmission. - Low-seat height, along with the new Honda parallel-twin engine design, creates a very low center of gravity, making the CTX700 feel remarkably nimble and fun to ride. - Fuel capacity of 3.27 gallons and great fuel efficiency gives the CTX700 a long cruising range. - A rigid and compact diamond-shape steel frame, low center of gravity and plush suspension help make the CTX700 responsive, agile and enjoyable over the long haul. - Stout 41mm front fork provides 4.2 inches of travel, while the Pro-Link® rear suspension system delivers 4.3 inches of wheel travel. - A remarkably low seat height of 28.3 inches helps instill rider confidence. - Open, roomy ergonomics position the rider in a well-balanced seating position for all-day comfort. - A large array of available accessories allows owners to add just the right combination of capabilities to suit individual preferences and expand their adventures. Honda Genuine Accessories† Tall Windscreen (cowl version only), Heated Grips, Heated Grip Attachment, Saddlebags, Saddlebag Stay, Saddlebag Panel (color-matched), Rear Carrier, Backrest, Backrest Bracket, Sub Harness, Accessory Socket, Chrome Master Cylinder Cover, Chrome License Plate Frame † WARRANTY: Because we're so confident in the quality of each of our Honda Genuine Accessories, we're pleased to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. One-year warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer. Accessories subject to change. Honda North America | 1919 Torrance Boulevard | Torrance, CA 90501 | 310-783-3170 |
Harley Davidson si Perek Ijo
Jakarta - Dalam memodifikasi motor Ariawan Wijaya yang merupakan punggawa dari bengkel modifikasi Baru Motor Sport (BMS) yang berada di Jalan Palmerah Barat No. 24, Jakarta Barat selalu melahirkan motor modifikasi yang nyeleneh. Buktinya yang satu ini, motor Harley-Davidson XL 1200 keluaran tahun 2011 ini dibuatnya dengan gaya dan warna yang nyeleneh. Bayangkan saja motor gede (moge) ini dibuatnya mengusung gaya pro-street dan dibalut dengan warna yang mencolok yakni hijau. "Karena motor ini gue kasih warna ijo dan menurut teman-teman warnanya mengganggu di mata jadi anak-anak manggilnya 'Si Perek Ijo'," ungkap pria ramah ini. Apa hubungannya warna ijo dipanggil sebagai 'Si Perek Ijo'? Menurutnya warna hijaunya sangat norak dan itu hanya julukan iseng dari teman-teman. Pria yang akrab disapa Ari ini mengaku cukup nyaman dan tidak merasa terganggu dengan julukan dan warna tersebut. "Kalau gue sih enjoy aja. Biarin aja ini kan buat seru-seruan doang," cetus Ari sambil tersenyum. Karena mengusung aliran pro-street dan untuk digunakan sehari-hari jadi Ari tidak menghilangkan unsur yang terlalu ekstrim. Motor miliknya ini juga masih nyaman untuk digunakan sehari-hari. Dalam memodifikasinya, Ari membuat custom frame yang disesuaikan dengan aliran pro-street. Pembuatan custom lainnya seperti knalpot, tempat duduk, gas tank dan handle bar. Dilihat secara kasat mata maupun detil pembuatan knalpot dan lain-lainnya yang custom, Ari tergolong rapi dan terampil. Semuanya dikerjakannya dengan rapi dan apik sehingga Harley-Davidson XL 1200 ini terlihat sangat elegan. "Bagian seperti itu yang gue buat custom. Meski custom gue tidak menghilangkan unsur kenyamanan berkendara. Motor ini tetap bisa gue pakai sehari-hari ko," imbuhnya. Dalam pengerjaannya, Ari hanya membutuhkan waktu 4 bulan saja dan untuk urusan kocek Ari cukup merogoh koceknya dalam-dalam. Data modifikasi: Custom frame aliran pro street daily used Front wheel 19x3 Rear wheel 16x8.5 Front tire 110-18 v-rubber Rear tire 240-16 v-rubber Front fork by Demon Cycles Custom pipe exhaust Custom seat Custom gas tank Custom handle bar (ady/ddn)