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Hiding what's within, rejecting outside things; it never works, never works. Say never. Open the never; expose it. Unseal the brilliant box, reveal it's contents, give them away; unblemished pieces of love. Don't let them hide in some secret place, or break and turn to ashes. Love. It always wins, it's beauty so lasting and overprotective; protecting it from the destructive sun's pain in the safe season.... until the gates are breached, and a thousand rainy nights harm beautiful things and tomorrow's Passion is exiled to a silent island, further away than Robinson Crusoe. But the quiet is loud when silence is nothing but a grave, and the closing chapter isn't yet. So Passion always manages to find a new place when tomorrow comes, a place where the clock is broken and the doors of tears can't open; or hold it prisoner.... waiting until Time says it can come back and reside once again in the brilliant box.
REFLECTIONS BY THE AUTHOR: Author Notes THE BRILLIANT BOX ~ D James Breaux The brilliant box represents the human heart. It first appeared in: "Uncontent The Tide" and is also featured in: "Lovegetting"
@DJamesBreaux I'll believe you on that!
Really brilliant @DJamesBreaux. Have you been away working on these for us? Thank you for sharing.
As usual, this is pretty amazing!! I like this line: But the quiet is loud when silence is nothing but a grave. It really says something big and heavy and just nice. I also like your idea on how much we should give out love: if we keep it inside, it rots. If we let it out, it grows and gives and shines.
Hey brother, yeh it helps to step onto a different emotional terra firma and stage yourself for the next thing to come @greggr =D